Here are our goals

  • Share our business partner’s philosophies and products.
  • Support our business partners’ businesses
  • Celebrate happiness with customers through our products

Philotrade shares our partners’ positive business philosophies and their products with customers.  By selling their products, we support their businesses and customers feel happy with the products.

That’s why we named our company Philotrade Co.,

Philosophy + Trade  → Philotrade


We chose our business partners based on,

  • Environment Consciousness

The Wren Design uses eco-friendly and recycle materials.  They make fashionable tablet and laptop paper sleeves in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Social Awareness

cowgirlblues (South Africa) and Ekmattra (Bangladesh) support local women economically and mentally by providing them job opportunities.

There will be more business partners.  Some of them are making products by keeping traditions,and sharing happiness with others.


When we chose our business partners, we visit their studios, factories or talked to them face to face so that we can learn about their great stories and their wonderful products.  We know how our business partners make their products, what they use and who makes the products.


Philotrade are very impressed with our business partners.  We’d love to share their beautiful stories to as many people as possible.  Please visit our website. You will get the products you’d love to cherish.

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